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Unwell, a Midwestern Gothic Mystery

Jul 24, 2019

In which the town celebrates and painful truths are revealed.


Content advisories for this episode can be found here.

You can read a transcript for this episode here.

This episode features: Shariba Rivers as Lily, Kathleen Hoil as Abbie, Amelia Bethel as Marisol, Joshua K. Harris as Rudy, Marsha Harman as Dot, Christopher J. Wilson as Tony, Jillian Leff as Selene, Lisa Burton as Marsha, Michael Turrentine as Wes, and Cara Ehlenfeldt, Vishnu Venugopal, Mel Ruder, Eleanor Hyde, and Philip Gaissert as festival attendees.

The Stalks are Sadie Rogers, Joe Griffin, Clayton Faits, Dan Schaeffer, and David Schaeffer.
Wes’s Banjo and the Curly Stem String Band songs are by Gunnar Jebsen
The Third Street Warblers are Randy Palmer, Merri Palmer, Betsey Palmer, and Jeffrey Nils Gardner

Written by Jessica Wright Buha, sound design by Alexander Danner, directed by Jeffrey Nils Gardner, music composed by Stephen Poon, recording engineer Mel Ruder, Unwell lead sound designer Ryan Schile, Executives Producers Eleanor Hyde and Jeffrey Gardner, by HartLife NFP.